Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's 'By the Sea': What to Know About the Sexy, Dark Movie

Whether you like it or not, there's going to be a lot of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in your life over the next few months. Even once the dust of the couple's wedding news settles, there'll be excitement over their honeymoon, speculation about their marriage, and preparations for Jolie's Unbroken and Pitt's Fury, the duo's best chances at next year's Oscars. And then, of course, there's By the Sea , a drama they're filming together that can already claim the title of the most highly-anticipated movie of 2015.

Seeing, though, that it's still a long ways off until the film's premiere (production's barely even began on set), not a lot of information has been released since the initial July announcement that By the Sea was in the works. Still, the few details we do know are tantalizingly great; no matter what the movie actually turns out to be, there's little question that when it finally hits theaters, audiences are going to be lining up at the theater door to get a look. Here's everything to know about By the Sea, Pitt and Jolie's smart, exciting, and yes, sexy new movie:

It's Not Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The Sequel

2005's Mr. and Mrs. Smith was an action rom-com, a fast-paced, explosion-filled movie best remembered for the chemistry shared between its two lead actors. While By the Sea will certainly have romance, it's an intimate, character-driven drama, not a high-stakes action blockbuster — no cross-city zip-lining or shopping mall gunfights here. Probably.

But They Will Be Married

Just like in Smith, By the Sea will feature Pitt and Jolie as a married couple, although probably not one with machine guns and explosives in their basement.

The Setting Will Be Gorgeous

By the Sea will spend about eight weeks shooting in Malta, a small, stunning island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. The area is familiar to the couple and their family, as they lived there for a short while in 2011 while Pitt shot World War Z. Don't expect to see too many Maltese landmarks, though; the movie, though, is said to be set in the south of France.

Jolie Made It Happen

The actress/filmmaker/world-saver wrote and is directing the movie, off a "really small and experimental" script she dreamt up a few years back just for her and Pitt. Her husband's company, Plan B, is co-producing. Teamwork at its finest.

But It Might Be Her Last Movie

Back in May, Jolie said that she's probably retiring from acting soon, and while it wasn't the first time she's talked about leaving Hollywood, this statement seemed pretty certain. She might still direct, but there's a decent chance By the Sea could be the last Angelina Jolie-starring movie for a long, long time.

Their Friends Will Co-Star

According to People, Melanie Laurent, who co-starred with Pitt in Inglorious Basterds , will play a neighbor of the main characters in By the Sea. The rest of the cast is unknown, but perhaps Laurent is just one of many Jolie-Pitt pals that will make an appearance.

It's Going to Be Sexy

On Wednesday, Us Weekly reported that the movie will feature some "crazy sex scenes" between the couple, and on Friday, People revealed that the plot will revolve around their characters' sexual obsession with their neighbors. It's safe to assume their kids won't be seeing By the Sea for a long time.

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