Mindy Kaling Would Like To Stay in Your Apartment, But Only If It's Nice

Mindy Kaling wants to stay in your apartment . . . if you live in a five-bedroom downtown, that is. Mindy Kaling is busy filming season three of The Mindy Project (premiering Sept. 16, aaah!). On top of her starring and executive producing responsibilities, Kaling is adding location scout to her responsibilities. Mindy Kaling tweeted that she needs an apartment to sublet in New York City as filming for The Mindy Project moves to NYC at the beginning of September. She's hoping to find a very nice place to house herself and her writers during their stay.

Kaling was once a New York City resident, so she knows what to look for. But, while she understands that New Yorkers don't live above 14th Street (at least by choice), it seems she has some pretty high expectations for her short-term rental. In a series of tweets sent out yesterday, Kaling inquires about "a spacious apartment/townhouse in Manhattan," later adding her preferences to be "a cool furnished 5BR."

While I'm sure at least one of her 3.13 million Twitter followers could give her some insight into what's available on the NYC real estate market, I do have to ask: Do furnished, five-bedroom apartments even exist in Manhattan anymore? I thought those were a myth of the Friends era. If so, can Kaling share her rejected finds with said 3.13 million followers? Finding a good apartment in NYC is hard enough as it is.

Regardless of how many followers she has, Kaling should probably try her hand at Airbnb. Although, a quick search on the house-sharing site reveals the options don't fully meet her expectations — notably, being downtown — Kaling and her writers can dream up scenarios involving Shonda Rhimes in a Chelsea loft. Or, they can act out Peter Prentice shenanigans IRL in a Times Square penthouse. Alternatively, I'm sure the views from an Upper East Side duplex will inspire the many Danny/Mindy cute moments fans expect (or at least hope for) in season three.

That said, if you do live in a five-bedroom townhouse or apartment in lower Manhattan . . . well, you might not exist. But, in the off chance that you do, why not house Kaling and her writing team for nine days? I can't imagine more fun house guests.