Benedict Cumberbatch's 2015 Calendar Shows that He Can Be the Smoldering Type Too — PHOTOS

Hold the phone: Benedict Cumberbatch has an official calendar. In between Sherlock takes, the actor posed in the soft afternoon sunlight for a 12-month spread that says, "Hello, I'm Benedict Cumberbatch, and 2015 will be your sexiest year yet." This answers the question: What does one do when fresh off an Emmy win? Pose for your first calendar and sell it to the hungry masses.

Cumberbatch didn't always think of himself as centerfold material. He once told Conan O'Brien that his first foray into acting — playing female roles in his all-boys boarding school's theater productions — didn't exactly boost his ego with the fairer sex. Even Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat wasn't entirely convinced of Cumberbatch's sex appeal at first. But, as anyone who has ever been on Tumblr can attest, Cumberbatch fans definitely see the appeal. Posing for a calendar might be a very un-Sherlock move, but if this is what it takes for Cumberbatch to realize that he is, in fact, the object of many a fangirl's desire, then so be it.

Fans were left reeling with his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In it, Cumberbatch goes from his goofy, casual self in a t-shirt and jeans, to suave a British gentlemen in a perfectly tailored suit — even giving us a taste of the shower scene that was too sexy for Star Trek. And, that video was only two minutes long! The Official 2015 Benedict Cumberbatch Calendar gives us all the different sides of the actor. We've got outdoorsy, down-to-earth Cumberbatch, letting the summer breeze wisp his hair gently to the side while perched on an antique car. There's also debonair suit-and-tie Cumberbatch with a confident pose that implies, "I'm not speaking, but you know I have a British accent."

The calendar is, alas, only available for sale in the UK. (The Daily Mail reports that it should be available for purchase on Amazon, but there's no listing on the US site yet.) While you try navigating some British e-commerce sites to figure out international shipping, see how Cumberbatch let his inner Mr. September shine.

Behold, Cumberbatch au naturel.

And, his counterpart, Devonair Cumberbatch. Alternatively: Fifty Shades of Cumberbatch.

Fashion-forward Cumberbatch also makes an appearance on the cover. And, what an appearance it was.