7 Things Mariah Carey Could Buy with the Massive Amount of Money She Spends on Her Dogs

Oh, celebrities and their ludicrously spoiled dogs. The stories of their absurd pampering just never get old! According to a report in Us Weekly, Mariah Carey spends $46K a year on spa treatments for her dogs. She does have eight of them, after all. This news comes to us from an article breaking down the irreconcilable differences between the singer and Nick Cannon that led to their divorce.

Obviously, her naming choices for her pups, all Jack Russell Terriers, aren't exactly points of concern in the separation, but these pets arguably have the best names ever. Just a sampling of the puppy names: "Squeak E. Beans, the Good Reverend Pow Jackson, and Mutley P. Gore Jackson III." Take notes, guys...

Even with those fancy-pants names, from the POV of someone who eats a bag of $1.99 tortilla chips for dinner, that's a lot of clams to drop on canine shiatsu. Here are seven things that you can invest in with the yearly gross spending that Mariah Carey devotes to pet manicures.

The BMW electric car

The BMW website lists their first electric car, the BMW i3, at $41,350. For the cumulative sum of terrier mud wraps, you can purchase a luxury car that reduces your carbon footprint.

Image: BMW USA

2 Birkin Bags

The Heisman Trophy of handbags, the Hermes Birkin, is listed on ebay for $19,507. You can literally buy two of these and have money left over for five months of rent instead of sending your dog to the spa.

Image: Matterla/ Ebay

3 Nights in the Royal Suite at the Ritz Carlton

According to Forbes, the top-tier suite at New York’s preeminent 5-star hotel costs $15,000 a night. Three nights of indulgence, while not frugal by anyone’s standard, seems a better use of $46K.

Image: Ritz Carlton


A Forest River Windsong Recreational Vehicle costs $42,999 on CampingWorld.com. Hello road trip, goodbye spending money on recreational activities for animals that can’t appreciate it!

Image: Campingworld.com

958 pairs of Toms shoes

For $46K, you can purchase 958.33 pairs of Toms at $48 each, and thus 958.33 pairs of shoes for kids in underdeveloped countries. Be responsible!

Image: Toms

Thousands of bottles of 3 buck chuck

At $2.99 a bottle, you can purchase approximately 15,385 bottles of Trader Joe’s wonder wine for that price. That’s virtually a lifetime supply.

Image: lindslemko/Instagram

Business class Tickets to Paris for 6 People

Frederic T Stevens/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It costs $7,451 to fly biz class from JFK to Paris on Air France. That means you can fly yourself and five friends to Paris to recreate the Kimye rehearsal dinner. Or, you can just stay in a hostel and drink cheap liquor, ‘cause you have zero dollars left. Either way!

Image: Sathisj/Flickr