5 Seconds of Summer Star Calum Hood's Naked Video Leaked & Fans Respond Accordingly

In case you missed it, 5 Second of Summer's Calum Hood had his own, er, five seconds of summer exposed to the Internet. Just days after the Australian band performed at the MTV VMAs, 5SOS' Hood sent a video of his penis via Snapchat to a female fan, who then leaked the Snapchat on Vine for the world to see. And oh, did the world see it, and they've got something to say about it.

Some fans are irate, others are titillated, others want Hood to stay strong, and others fear that his photo will be the final straw that causes 5SOS to call it quits. Hood is shrugging the whole thing off, as the 18-year-old has since tweeted "least ya know what it looks like now," and "I'm still just a teenage kid learning from mistakes," but diehard 5 Seconds of Summer fans can't move on that easily. First of all, they were not expecting that to happen, and second of all, this might be the first penis some of them have ever seen. I hope they have someone to talk this shit out with.

Their reactions are not limited to these listed below, but they do include:


Proud of Calum


Angry Slash Grateful He's Safe


Wishing It Was A Guy From A Different Boy Band


Concerned For The Band

Shrugging Off The Haters