the 23 Stages of the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Are you getting sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge yet? Well, too bad — it’s not showing signs of letting up anytime soon, so we put together a little GIF-tastic surprise for you: All the stages of the Ice Bucket Challenge. From the initial “WTF is that?” to the “I AM SO, SO COLD RIGHT NOW,” here’s what’s been running through all of our heads since it first started going viral earlier this summer. Sure, the Ice Bucket Challenge has had its critics; but the chilly stunt has raised over $41 million for the ALS Association, and that’s no small thing. So hey, at least it’s working, right?

Although you’re probably familiar with them already, here’s a quick rundown of the rules:

  1. First, get nominated by someone who has already taken the Ice Bucket Challenge.
  2. Once you’re nominated, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge.
  3. In order to complete it, you have to find a bucket, fill it with ice and water, film yourself dumping it over your head, and post the video on YouTube (or elsewhere on the web). Don’t forget to present your own nominations!
  4. If you fail to complete the challenge, donate $100 to the ASL association.

Or, y’know, complete the challenge and donate. Or donate to another cause of your choice. Really, when it comes to things like this, every little bit helps.

Here’s how all those stages go:

Uh… Why are people dumping buckets of ice water over their heads?

Isn’t that an enormous waste of water?

Ah, I see! It’s for the Ice Bucket Challenge!

…But what on earth is an Ice Bucket Challenge?

Oh, OK. I get it. It’s for charity. Cool.

Haha, that girl I’m Facebook friends with even though she made my life hell in high school did it!

OK, so maybe it's not slime, but how’s your perfect hair now, betch?

And my ex!



Oh man, did you see that one celebrity’s take on it?

Yes, I saw it.

And that one.

And that one too.

OK, this is getting kind of old.

I really hope it ends.


Before I get nominated.

Uh oh. My brother just took it.

Please don’t nominate me, please don’t nominate me, please don’t nominate me…


OK. I have 24 hours. How much ice do I have in the freezer?

Better fill up those ice trays.

Do I even own a bucket?

Good. Glad that's settled.

And I guess I need some friends to help out.

Who wants to be the one to tip the bucket? Don’t all jump at once, now.

Is the camera rolling?



Here we go.

I got this.


Cold. So. Very. Cold.

Confirmed: I am Anna. I am not Elsa.

OK. I did it. Awesome. Go me!

And now?

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