7 Up-and-Coming Actresses That Should Be Cast in the Next Superhero Movie

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Jessica Chastain has spoken out about one of Hollywood's most glaring problems: the lack of complex, multidimensional roles for women and, more specifically, the absence of a dynamic, female-led superhero movie. In an interview with Vulture, Chastain said that many of the roles being written for women are flat, one-dimensional, and not "fully fleshed out": "I think there is a huge problem in American cinema where stories about women aren’t nurtured and celebrated and brought to the screen as often as stories about men," Chastain said, but she feels that "times are changing," and that we're long overdue for a female-fronted superhero movie. Hopefully Chastain's right and we finally get that female-led superhero movie that does not feature an actress' butt.

When that finally does happen, these are the up-and-coming actresses would be great for the role of a kick-ass superhero.

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