'Bachelor' Star Gia Allemand's Mother Speaks Out Against Her Bad Friends

Since Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand's death in a New Orleans hospital five days ago, her "friends" have spoken up about the possible cause of Gia's suicide, and now, Gia's mom Donna Micheletti is out to set the record straight. Micheletti is calling out those who've spoken to the press and claims that these so-called friends of Gia's are out to slander her.

As her mother, I am well aware of Gia's close friends and her best friends and I am personally going on record to refute all statements to the media out there thus far, with the exception of official statements we have released ...

Most specifically, Micheletti has an issue with the woman who told the New York Daily News that Gia had a past of partying, deep issues with insecurity, and ultimately took her own life because she was distraught that her relationship with NBA boyfriend Ryan Anderson was coming to an end.

It's sad to hear that there are some people in Gia's life who are trying to use her death to get their own names in the press, especially since Gia was someone on the Bachelor and the Bachelor Pad who fans really, and truly, liked. So many of those contestants are caricatures of themselves on the show, but we felt like Gia was actually relatable, genuine, and sweet. She was your atypical reality star, and we were interested to know more about the cause of her suicide because it came as such a shock. Evidently, her mean friends wanted to take advantage of that.

We may never find out why Gia hanged herself, and at this point, it'll be hard to know what side of the story to trust, if any, but Gia's mother revealed that she'll talk to a trusted media source about her daughter's life and death after Gia's funeral on August 22. We can expect more details then.

In the meantime, her mother posted an online tribute video to honor Gia's life, which, interestingly enough, can be purchased on DVD for $20.

[Image via ABC]