Kathy Griffin's Ice Bucket Challenge is Hilarious, Naked, & Helpful for the Cause - VIDEO

The latest celebrity to join in for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge trend is comedian Kathy Griffin. But because she's Kathy Griffin she had to do it in the nude just to take it one step further. "Anything for the cause," she says, stepping out of the pool in nothing but red stilettos. To be fair she was challenged by Suze Orman to be naked for the video, so it wasn't completely her own idea. She just fell victim to Orman's request.

In the clip, brought to us by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the funnywoman enlisted the help of the Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean and Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza to dump the ice on her, since they both also nominated Griffin. It's pretty badass of her to do it without any clothes, because having done the challenge myself, I can tell you it's cold enough even with clothing on.

This certainly isn't the first time Griffin has gotten naked, but it's nice of her to do so in honor of raising awareness for ALS. Now everyone who talks about her crazy naked Ice Bucket Challenge video is helping bring attention to the disease.

The video is actually pretty funny, with Griffin pushing McLean in the pool at the end and Aubrey Plaza giving the camera the finger and shouting, "F*** you, ALS!"

Check it out for yourself below:

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