New 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Teaser

The latest AHS: Freak Show teaser is here, and it might be the weirdest one yet. In keeping with the tradition they started back in Season 1, Ryan Murphy and FX seem intent on torturing us once again with teaser after teaser. This is the fifth clip released so far in anticipation of the show's October premiere, proving that the Season 4 teasers just keep getting weirder and more unsettling.

I thought things had reached peak weirdness after the clip featuring the guy with a bifurcated tongue licking what looked like the grossest lollipop (I think?) ever, but this latest teaser shows us that Murphy is taking the three-legged acrobat motif and running with it, which is great if you're into legs so much that you don't mind an extra one here or there. No judgement. The teasers have officially attained a higher level of weird and left us with a million questions and zero answers, which was probably the whole point.

Now that the official cast art has been revealed, we can only hope that this is a sign we'll be getting a real official trailer soon. Given FX's tease-happy track record, we could be stuck with endless teasers until Season 4 is practically here.

If one thing's certain about next season, it's that there will be an abundance of legs. Check out the latest teaser here:

Image: FX (1)