Will She Follow In Her Dad's Footsteps?

by Keertana Sastry

How would you feel if you found out that the man who raised you wasn't who he said he was, and that your actual father is a psycho murderer? Despite getting all of this surely traumatizing information at one horrifying moment, Teen Wolf 's Malia, revealed to be Peter Hale's daughter, seems to be doing alright. Other than needing some time away from boyfriend Stiles and having a little chat with daddy dearest, Malia has reverted back to her old ways of sarcasm, caring pretty much only for Stiles and yet still having a good heart. But what if her father's identity has changed her for the worse? A preview for Monday night's episode of Teen Wolf, "A Promise To The Dead," shows father and daughter interacting in a dangerous way as Peter asks Malia to kill Kate Argent for him, despite Kate being in on Peter's secret plan to kill Scott. What on earth is going on?

It's possible that we find out Monday night that Malia will hear this request and then laugh in her father's face because, you know, why would she commit murder or even risk looking for Kate alone and facing the Beserkers that Kate seems to control? But obviously Peter is asking Malia to do this dastardly deed for a reason, because Peter never does anything without a reason. The million-dollar question then is, what is this evil purpose Peter has for getting his daughter involved in so much danger?

It's possible that Peter's plan all along has been to break apart Scott's wolf pack, either emotionally or physically. While tearing them apart emotionally is next to impossible — these kids are extremely loyal — it's much easier to get them away from each other if they're each pursuing different paths. What if Peter is sending Malia on a wild goose chase so that he and Kate can achieve their own major goal of killing Scott? We can assume from Peter's obvious greed and his outburst in Season 3 that he wants Scott's power for himself. Maybe he is trying to get Malia out of harm's way by sending her off looking for his accomplice. Could the big bad Peter Hale actually care about someone for once?

Yeah, that reason's not likely, as Peter would do anything to get that Alpha power back. Perhaps he's worried that Kate will steal Scott's power for herself. MTV released another preview for "A Promise to the Dead" where Kate Argent has Scott and Kira tied up and bloody, asking Scott what is so damn special about him. A great many things Kate, you'll just never understand.

But this moment doesn't look like part of Kate and Peter's plan, so maybe she's gone rogue and now he needs someone to take her out while he finishes his mission. Maybe he thinks that by Malia doing this for him, they can become closer and she will become more like him. It's entirely possible Malia just walks away without even thinking about his request. But considering how much trauma and heartache this girl has endured for her whole life, she could easily be corrupted by her own father.

Images: MTV; derekbraeden/Tumblr