Proof That Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel From 'Frozen' Are Just As Adorable As Anna & Elsa IRL

Kristen Bell plus Anything is a wonderful recipe for mass adorableness (seriously, do we need to talk about her love of sloths again?). So, it should come as no surprise that taking Kristen Bell plus her Frozen sister Idina Menzel is just the right combination for double adorableness. In a strange way, the two really are their on screen alter egos, with Menzel as the wise older sister, and Bell as the fun loving free spirit.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to clear your schedule for Tuesday night when ABC airs a special one-hour special The Story Of Frozen . We're bound to get a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff about the film, but in case that doesn't entice you enough, please remember that Bell and Menzel are flawless goddesses and should be the voices in every movie.

Kristen Is Amazing on Her Own

First off, lets take a look at the two of them separately. There’s nothing in this world that Kristen Bell can’t do while looking completely adorable.

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And Idina Is Perfection

Rounding out the sister pair, we have Idina Menzel (pictured singing “Let It Go” at the Oscars), who embodies the word “fierce.”

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But a Little Movie Showed Us The Light

Before we go any further, here are the two as their animated counterparts. It’s not hard to picture the two being played by the real life actresses who voice them.

Image: Adam Rifkin/Pandawhale

Put These Two Together & They're Magical

The two pose like Greek statues at the 2014 Oscars, and should be admired and marveled for their beauty and grace. They’re just two beautiful people laughing together and being beautiful.

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Kristen's Like a Proud Lil Sis

Guess what was happening onstage at the Oscars at this very moment? Menzel had just finished singing “Let It Go” and Bell looks like she is going to weep tears of happiness. That night she also posted a photo of Menzel captioned, “My beautiful friend @idinamenzel nailing it at the #oscars.” Adorable.

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Which Makes Idina The Big Sis...

Usually, when animated films get made, the voice actors have little to no contact with anyone else. That is clearly not the case with Frozen. According to Bell in an interview with GMA, the first time they rehearsed the music they were over at Menzel’s house. Rehearsing. For a musical. At Idina’s house.

Do yourself a favor and watch Menzel & Bell’s adorable interview in its entirety.

Image: Tumblr/fostermenzel

...Who Made Kristen's Day When They Met

While on Jimmy Fallon, Bell talked about that first rehearsal with Menzel. Per the adorable actress, Menzel turned to Bell and told her that she was a “wonderful singer” and it literally blew Bell’s mind.

Image: theladyelsa/Tumblr

And Now, They're Sisters in Toyland Too

Just like every cartoon princess, the two were granted their own poseable dolls, so they can be best friends in your imagination too.

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Because They're Basically The Best Together

Imagine sitting in a small room, listening to Kristen and Idina sing live. That would be hands down, the best thing ever. (And complete proof that these two are about as close to Frozen IRL as we will ever get.)

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