Kristen Bell Should Play Elsa on 'Once Upon a Time' (But Only If Idina Menzel Is Busy)

If you haven't heard by now, then you probably don't have Twitter or access to the internet, but Once Upon a Time threw fans an Frozen curveball Sunday night when it revealed Season 4's newest character: Queen Elsa from the 2013 Disney sensation Frozen . Now that we know what next season will focus on, the big question is: Who will play Elsa?

The choice candidate is none other than Frozen star Kristen Bell, who was already rumored to have a role on Once Upon a Time — only in the first draft of the rumor, Bell was slated to play Anna, her character from the animated film. Could it be that the rumor mill got it wrong and that Bell is actually switching sides for the live-action take on Frozen? It certainly wouldn't be the worst idea. Lord knows that other than the Hook and Emma drama, OUAT is in serious need of a jolt of energy (we'll take a little ice in that jolt, pretty please).

But could Bell work up the right mix of earnestness and coldness that create Elsa's imprisoned soul? Sure. Besides, there are more than a few factors that lead us to believe Bell could really be the one donning the glittery gown and fierce blonde braid for ABC.

1. She's a TV Vet & OUAT Loves TV Vets

Claire from Lost, Pam from True Blood, Charlotte from Lost, and Joanna Garcia-Swisher from a thousand-shows-you've-seen-a-single-episode-of (ahem, Reba), OUAT is a huge fan of bringing back familiar faces from the small screen. In Bell's case, we've got a famous face and a famous voice: Bell, of course, starred as the titular teen sleuth on Veronica Mars and the voice of Gossip Girl on the CW series. It would be weird if OUAT didn't hire her, don't you think?

2. OUAT's Elsa Has Bell's Signature Sassy Walk

Just check out Veronica sashay in that Veronica Mars movie trailer. Same hip action, amirite?

3. Bell Has a Button Nose and So Does...

...Elsa. Okay, so now we're getting a little nutty, but come on. Throw us a bone. We have to wait so long for next season.

4. But Hey, She's Certainly Got The Hair

Then again, we could just as easily put a wig on Idina Menzel and make all of our Frozen dreams come true. Either way, we can expect a whole lot more of this:

Is it September, yet?

Images: Disney; ABC (3)