'19 Kids & Counting's Cousin Amy Duggar Wants To Be a Country Music Star, But There's A Long Road Ahead

While one Duggar is in the news for her recent wedding and pregnancy announcement, another is trying to separate herself from the family's marriage and children-based spotlight. Cousin Amy Duggar, the self described "quirky" and "wild" one, is stepping away from one limelight and into another: she's trying to break into country music. As an only child, Jim Bob's niece Amy never had to look far for a bus load (literally) of friends to hang out with, since she's always had an extended family at her disposal. At 28 years old, she's actually the oldest of the Duggar grandchildren and Grandma Duggar joked that Amy was her favorite "'til Josh came along" (which was only six months later, sorry Amy).

Lat month, Amy had her own TLC special, appropriately titled A Duggar Leaves Home and those of us who tuned in to watch know that Amy, well, she still has a long way to go before she gets her big country music break. She, along with her mom and Grandma Duggar, went off to Nashville to see if Amy could make it as a singer. She performed at an open mic night, and while she totally rocked one song, during the second, she completely froze up and asked to start again. That wasn't the most reassuring sign. There was a record manager in the audience, who was optimistic about her country career, but wasn't about to start drafting up contracts.

While the show might have been considered as a potential spinoff, there's no talk of any more episodes as of right now. According to her Twitter, Amy seems to be all over the South, taking some time to head down to Florida and wherever her road to stardom might take her.

During the 19 Kids & Counting episode in which Amy announced that she was heading off to Nashville, she tells the family, "I don't know what I'm doing, but I like the direction I'm heading." I kind of hope she's headed right for a guest stint on Nashville.

Image: TLC