Gross Trolls Tried to Exploit JLaw's Violation

It's bad enough that Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and a whole bunch of other female celebrities have just had their privacy violated by some gross troll hacker who gave themselves the right to steal personal nude photographs, and it's even worse that some of the response (though some of it thankfully feminist) to this crime has been one of shame and ridicule directed at the females affected rather than outrage towards the hacker. But this, on top of all that? I've basically lost all hope in the good of humanity. According to Buzzfeed, some more gross trolls who hang out in the very depths of Internet scum, 4chan, tried to exploit the violation of Jennifer Lawrence's privacy by convincing women to post their own nude photos "in solidarity" with J.Law, calling it the "worldwide trolling of a lifetime." The fake hashtag? "#LeakForJLaw."

What the actual hell. While there is, of course, no issue with women taking or posting nude photos of themselves in a consensual fashion, the problem arises when these photos are abused by others who have no claim over them and shared without permission. That is a blatant sex crime.

Luckily, it seems that the gross troll's attempts have mostly failed, as the response on Twitter has greatly been from those who are shocked and outraged that someone would try to exploit such a situation, which is the appropriate way to react. Some of the response, though, is more disappointing, and that's enough to ensure my faith in the good of humanity is lost: Some users are applauding it, as Buzzfeed pointed out...

And some are just trivializing the entire nude photo theft by mocking it with joke photos:

While the photos that mock the "#leak4JLaw" attempt are not even close to as damaging as the ones supporting it, I still disagree with the sentiment. I get that they're trying to be sarcastic and light-hearted, but this is not a situation to make fun of in any way. It's a sex crime against a group of women — they've had their privacy violated, their personal property stolen, and their private photos posted publicly without their consent. It should be treated as seriously, because it's a gravely serious situation.

Ugh. People are the worst.