Who Is 'Jersey Belle' Star Danielle Yancey? 6 Things To Know About Jaime Primak Sullivan's Southern Sidekick

When she moved from New Jersey to Alabama, Jersey Belle star Jaime Primak Sullivan didn't just leave behind her fast-paced life (and really good bagels). She also had to say farewell to her social circle. Being a fish out of water is never easy, especially when you move to a place with such a different social code of conduct. But Jaime's been adapting to her life down south, with the help of some new friends, like Birmingham-native Danielle Yancey. Danielle is a former model and the quintessential southern lady. What else is there to know about this member of the Jersey Belle cast?

Image: Skip Bolen/Bravo

She Minds Her Manners

Jamie may have moved away, but she’s still got Jersey in her heart. She can often be loud and brash, and she’s not afraid to curse from time to time. Danielle was raised in the tradition of proper Southern ladies, however, and she definitely doesn’t approve of everything that comes out of Jaime’s mouth. Sometimes, that can lead to clashes between the two friends.

Image: Skip Bolen/Bravo

She Can Still Work It

Danielle used to be a professional model, and she’s still quite the stunner. This week she posted photos of herself on Instagram modeling maxi dresses with the Show Me Your Mumu designer Cammy. Danielle has also appeared in regional magazines, including Birmingham Weddings and Celebrations. She wore a Vera Wang wedding dress for her spread in that magazine.

Image: DanielleYancey/Instagram

She's Dealing with Fertility Issues

Despite her best efforts to appear the consummate southern woman, Danielle’s life isn’t perfect. According to Bravo, she and her husband, Bart, have been trying to have children for three years, so far without success. The site says that Jamie, who has three children, has been a big support for Danielle during this time. Throughout this season of Jersey Belle, viewers will learn more about her attempts to get pregnant.

Image: DanielleYancey/Instagram

She Spreads Awareness

One of the reasons Danielle has had difficulty conceiving is her endometriosis, a painful disorder involving the lining of the uterus. Danielle has been open about her condition, and through her social media pages she’s attempting to raise awareness and to support other women who are going through the same issues.

Image: DanielleYancey /Twitter

She Supports the Humane Society

Danielle may be trying to grow her human family, but she’s already got plenty of puppies to take care of. She’s a firm believer in adopting animals from shelters. Her most recent addition is Trooper, a mutt she found on the side of the road and couldn’t resist adopting. He has some skin issues, but Danielle says that after just five weeks of proper food and medication he’s improving quickly. Just look at that face!

Image: DanielleYancey/Instagram

Jamie is Teaching Her Yoga

Jaimie brought her love of yoga with her when she moved to Alabama, and she’s been getting some of the other belles into the exercise routine. Danielle in particular has taken to it, and often posts “pose of the day” pictures to Twitter and Instagram. She’s not quite up to Jaimie’s level of expertise yet, so a lot of the pictures are comical comparisons of their abilities. She seems to be catching up to her mentor pretty quickly though!

Image: DanielleYancey/Instagram