Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Honeymoon Through Ireland Was Fit for Royalty

Here comes the bride, Kardashian fans. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has finally made it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding and, hopefully, part of their honeymoon. The pair, who were married in May, released only a handful of photos — including the infamous kiss photo that was edited for four whole days — but there were no selfies to be posted during Kimye's honeymoon in Ireland.

Who wouldn't want a Kimye selfie at the Cliffs of Moher or standing next to the Book of Kells? I mean, I want that. According to a handful of reports, that were later confirmed by E!, the newlyweds celebrated their marriage by staying in a castle and going on bike rides through the Irish countryside. Sigh. Picturesque.

Since the pair were surprisingly tight-lipped about their getaway, here's a step-by-step guide to the trip.

The First Stop: Castle Oliver

Kimye began their super-secretive Irish honeymoon at Castle Oliver in County Limerick.

Image: Ballyhoura Failte/Flickr

The Castle Oliver Drama

Allegedly, Kimye didn’t spend a single night in Castle Oliver because it was too big and didn’t have good enough cell reception. No, I’m not joking — according to RadarOnline, the couple refused to pay for their stay the luxury hotel.

Image: Jane Nearing/Flickr

The Other First Stop: Ballyfin House

Also according to the RadarOnline’s report about Kimye’s dissatisfaction with Castle Oliver, the couple decided to stay in Ballyfin house in nearby County Laois instead. God, I hate when my castle has bad cell reception.

Image: Keith Ewing/Flickr

Their Irish Bike-Ride

Though, again, Kim didn’t post ANY photos, we don’t really know how this bike-ride turned out. But, we do know that it happened — the pair allegedly took an hour-long mountain bike trip in Ballyhoura, IRE.

Image: RobertoTaddeo/Flickr

Possible Stop 2: Ballyseede Castle

The couple’s stay at Ballyseede Castle was never really confirmed, but they were said to be traveling from the western coast of the country toward Dublin in the east. Which would’ve made perfect sense for the paparazzi to stake-out and the couple to stay at Ballyseede in County Kerry.

Image: Wendy/Flickr

Stop 3: Dublin

Before jetting off to prague for another wedding, Kimye reportedly enjoyed the city of Dublin and hopefully went to the Guinness Factory.

Image: RobbieHowlett/Flickr