Mark-Paul Gosselaar & His Mom's Relationship Is One of 'The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story's Truthful Moments

You can find an interesting mix of bad impersonations of '90s actors, some mediocre attempts at '90s hair, some facts, and some very, very, very (potentially) exaggerated facts in Lifetime's The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story . Everything is so dramatic! Look no further than how Mark-Paul Gosselaar's relationship with his mother is depicted: It appears to be incredibly fraught. Mrs. Paula Gosselaar is taking stage mother to the next level.

Yet in a movie where fake Mario Lopez kisses his fans, should we believe that this is actually true? Sure, it's Lifetime, a network known for exacerbating drama, but did Gosselaar and his mom get along, or is Lifetime just trying to create an unsettling relationship for the sake of #drama?

Probably not. The two certainly had a weird relationship. Radar reported that he smoked pot with his mother when he was 18— but that certainly didn't serve as the peace pipe, as in 1998, People quoted Paula as follows:

Mark-Paul kicked me out of his life. I really don't know why [...] Maybe through the years we will come together.

Gosselaar has since referenced that he does indeed have "mom issues," but it's obvious that discussing them aren't his priority — even if it is the Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story's priority. But when in fake Bayside, all parental dramatic hell can break loose.