Has 'Teen Wolf' Found Its Grossest Villain Yet?

by Keertana Sastry

After demon warriors, trickster spirits, and berserkers, I thought I had seen everything on Teen Wolf. But apparently I was wrong because Monday night's Teen Wolf episode "A Promise to the Dead" threw me for a gigantic loop within the first five minutes. The episode began with a serial killer-like wendigo trying to kill an innocent woman by kidnapping her in a body bag and trying to eat her. Remember wendigos? Teen Wolf covered them earlier this season. But from there, we were somehow introduced to Doctor Valack, a new patient at Eichen House that drilled a hole in his head in order to receive visions. And how exactly does a hole to the head help with psychic abilities? He also seems to have an eye inside of his brain. Yeah, that's right. It's gross. But before we get too deep into discussing the brain eye, we need to find out who this new patient is and why he's being introduced now, with Season 4 ending so soon.

Let's go back to the beginning. A wendigo named Patrick kidnaps a woman in the hopes of torturing and then eating her. Apparently wendigos find their prey much tastier when they're filled with fear. But before Patrick can finish playing with his food before he eats it, Dr. Deaton comes out of nowhere to fight him and knock him completely unconscious.

Dr. Deaton then takes Patrick to Eichen House where he meets with a doctor who chats with him about the mental asylum's secret wing filled with supernatural creatures. In all honesty, this moment reminded me of The Initiative on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Is anyone else seeing lots of similarities between Buffy and Teen Wolf ? To be fair, it's not a bad show to emulate. Deaton tells this doctor that he needs to meet with the mysterious hole-in-the-head patient, whose name we learn is Dr. Valack, but before he can do so, the doctor warns Deaton that everyone who has ever chatted with Dr. Valack has never fully recovered.

Deaton understands the risks and goes ahead with his chat anyway. Deaton asks Dr. Valack about his knowledge in South American mythology and the man immediately realizes that what Deaton really wants to know about is Kate Argent and how to protect Derek Hale. Why does Deaton care so much about Derek? Because apparently he was in love with Talia, Derek's mother. Bombshell dropped!

Dr. Valack then tells Deaton that in order to get the answers he's looking for, he needs to look inside his head, which is when he reveals the hole he drilled into his head, and the eye inside of that hole. I'm assuming that the eye in the brain is supposed to represent the psychic and/or spiritual "third eye." But how on earth does this creepy doctor have the ability to have an actual eye in his head? Who is he? And why has Teen Wolf waited this long to introduce him to us?

After Deaton gets a peak inside Dr. Valack's head, he gets thrown into a weird dream/psychic world where he came across some strange stuff. And when he finally came to, he was able to tell the wolf pack that Kate had kidnapped Scott and taken him to Mexico. I'm assuming that Deaton learned quite a bit about the "bone woman," or la loba, and we will find out more in next week's season finale. And we'll get more information about the creepy Dr. Valack. Right, Teen Wolf? Please?

Images: MTV; teenwolf, starsshallnotfall/Tumblr