An Interesting Twist For Scott McCall

There comes a time, in most supernatural shows that delve into heroism, when our hero must come face to face with what it might look like if they were one of the monsters they've devoted their lives to fighting. That time, it would seem, has come for Scott McCall. Because unless my eyes and ears are deceiving me, this week's Teen Wolf turned Scott McCall into a Berserker. Egads!

This episode finds Scott and Kira kidnapped from their steamy first official date. The culprit appears to be Kate Argent, who's rooting around to find out what's so damn special about Scott McCall that his mojo decimated the entire ancient/wealthy/powerful/etc. Argent family in less than a year. Meanwhile they leave Kira lying in a room full of bones, because nightmares.

Whisking Scott off to Mexico, Kate gives a villainous monologu about the myth of Artemis and Acteon:

Artemis was a goddess, and Actaeon a hunter that happened to see Artemis bathing naked one day. Well this did not make the goddess too happy — in fact, she was so angry [that] Artemis turned Actaeon into a deer. And this sent his own hounds into a frenzy. He was actually torn apart by his own hunting dogs.

Cheerful storytime with the Argents! Also super relevant, as Kate uses this little fable as her jumping-off for forcing a berserker mask onto Scott. His friends are on their way to Mexico to save him, but apparently when they arrive they (in the words of Kate Argent) "won't know what they're fighting. Or killing." And that "what" will likely be their friend and leader, Scott McCall.

Will Teen Wolf actually kill off Scott McCall? Fat chance. Will it still be all kinds of painful to watch Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Derek and the rest going head-to-head with what they think is a berserker but is actually Scott? Hell yeah. Will it be especially heartbreaking if they wind up wounding him? Oh yeah.

Now all that remains to be seen is how they'll actually make Scott go into combat against his own pack.

Images: MTV; TeenWolf/Tumblr