John Oliver Reads YouTube Comments, Is Hilarious & "BRILLENT" — VIDEO

Surely you've heard Internet users bemoan the notorious comments section, but in the video below, the always hilarious John Oliver reads the YouTube comments that were left on one of his videos. Since his show Last Week Tonight is on a brief hiatus, this Web exclusive is a good way to get a dose of the funnyman. And because online comments are technically the Internet age's equivalent of fan mail, you'll get a good laugh.

Of course, adoring "fan mail" doesn't translate so well when it takes the shape of YouTube comments because these comments are, well, less than friendly. Even a Spanish comment translates into something very abrasive (and NSFW for language) when it's expressed in English. One of Oliver's haters is filled with anger because Oliver spoke negatively of the viewer's second favorite cherry soda. As per usual, Oliver has an on-point, honest response — because, seriously, who the hell are you if you have a list of favorite cherry sodas!?

Further, YouTube commenters, let it be known that when you attempt to speak ill of Oliver and his work, he will come back and rebuke your asinine comments by calling them out with smart, funny quips — or passionate monologues.

There is one commenter, though, who's on Oliver's side: the commenter praised Oliver and called him "BRILLENT" [sic]. Hey, what's better than brilliant? BRILLENT. Obviously.

Check it out! Last Week Tonight resumes on Sept. 7.