Ansel Elgort Is a DJ Named Ansolo & 10 Other Celebs With Surprising Side Jobs

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Fun fact that you may or may not have known: Turns out, The Fault In Our Stars heartthrob Ansel Elgort is one of the many Hollywood fixtures who also has a strange-and-very-random side gig that not many people know about. Though perhaps some of you have been aware of this one for a while, apparently, in addition to being an actor, Ansel Elgort is also a DJ...and his stage name is Ansolo.

Is that epic, or what?

Elgort showed off his little known talent at the Electric Zoo festival this past weekend, an electronic music festival that takes place in NYC. In celebration, Elgort posted to his Ansolo (seriously, all I think of is Han Solo, and I love it) Facebook page: "EZOO!!! WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE :)," along with a clip of him doing his thang on stage. His Twitter also contains some great shots from the event, including this very DJ-ish one. Looks like Elgort is really in his element when he's performing.

Of course, Elgort isn't the only Hollywood performer who has a very surprising/random side gig apart from his the thing he's mainly famous for: Tons of other actors, directors, singers, and sports figures in the industry have dabbled in other fields, including and not limited to: House flipping, show cobbling, and woodworking. In honor of Elgort's triumph on stage, why don't we check out a few?

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