7 Carrie Underwood Lyrics She Should Definitely Sing to Her New Baby — VIDEOS

If you haven't heard the good news yet, Carrie Underwood is pregnant with her first child with NHL player husband Mike Fisher. That's right, some incredibly lucky child is going to inherit her flawless pipes and amazing hair that somehow manages to look perfect 24/7. I personally can't wait until the Underwood-Fisher baby gets married to Shakira's bundle of joy years down the road, and from there a race of super good-looking humans with the voices of angels are introduced to the world. Until that glorious day comes to pass, I'll be over here listening to Carrie Underwood's greatest hits over and over again, of which there are many.

Underwood's come a long way from her early days on American Idol, ruling the charts as a kick-ass singer with a whole lot of girl power. The fact that her songs are so good they're somehow enough to overlook the can't-look-away train wreck that was The Sound Of Music: Live! says a lot about her singing career (mainly, "I'm gorgeous and amazing and my songs will blow you away, sorry not sorry"), and is clearly proof she's going to be an absolutely fabulous mother. Which Carrie Underwood chart toppers should be played on repeat throughout her little one's nursery? Well, I have some ideas...

"Jesus Take The Wheel"

The song that launched Underwood to fame is catchy and shows off her out-of-this-world vocal range. No doubt Baby Underwood-Fisher will love it, as long as Carrie promises to never let him/her be the "baby in the backseat, with fifty miles to go, running low on faith and gasoline."

"Some Hearts"

Can't you just see Carrie gently rocking her kid to sleep while softly singing this song?

I've never been the kind that you'd call lucky/Always stumbling' around in circles/But I must have stumbled into something/Look at me/Am I really alone with you?


"Before He Cheats"

At first glance, you might be all, "Um, a song about slashing car tires and drinking whiskey probably isn't the song for a newborn," and hey, you're probably right. Then again, "Before He Cheats" is an anthemic, badass, Carrie Underwood classic, and no list of her best songs can be without it.

"All-American Girl"

This cute song from her second album, Carnival Ride, is something even hubby Mike Fisher can join in on with these lyrics:

And when they got married and decided to have one of their own, she said, 'Be honest, tell me what you want?' And he said, "Honey, you ought to know...A sweet, little, beautiful one just-a like you.I want a beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American...

"So Small"

When her new baby is throwing tantrum after tantrum and the pile of dirty diapers in the corner of the room is too big to see over, Carrie can just remember these lyrics for strength:

When you figure out love is all that matters after all,It sure makes everything else seem so small.

Ain't that the truth?

"Mama's Song"

I hope that somewhere down the road when Mike and Carrie catch their kid trying to sneak out of the house as a teenager, he/she will just turn to them dramatically and sing this lyric from "Mama's Song:"

Mama, you taught me to do the right things, so, now you have to let your baby fly

Aaaaand good luck with that!

"Good Girl"

If Carrie Underwood has a daughter, she'll have all the advice she could ever need in the lyrics of her mom's songs, "Good Girl" in particular.

You'll see a good boy (you see a good boy)Gonna give you the worldBut he's gonna leave you cryin'With your heart in the dirt

Yeesh! Hopefully Carrie will put it a little nicer if they ever actually have that convo.

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