Your Period, A to Z

The next time you need to explain why periods suck so much to anyone in your life who doesn’t get them, point them here. BuzzFeed Violet has put together a helpful “Having Your Period, A to Z” video that describes every stage you go through during that time of the month — and just to go that extra mile, it alphabetizes them, too. Are they kind of stereotypical? Well, yes. But to be honest, they’re also true. And hilarious. Because everyone could use a laugh, regardless as to whether they’re currently menstruating.

Possible TMI admission: I got a Mirena not quite two years ago — and once it had been in there for a month or two, I discovered that I am one of those women for whom the IUD pretty much stops your period. I knew about the possibility going into the whole thing, but while initially I thought not having that vivid visual confirmation that I’m not, in fact, pregnant every month would freak me out… I kind of love it. I still get a few PMS-y symptoms around that time every month — I generally feel a little discombobulated and my face breaks out something fierce — so I can still sympathize with much of this video. It may not really be, as the video’s description calls it, “like a fun surprise… every month,” but I appreciate your optimism, BuzzFeed. That’s certainly one way to look at it.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, pro tip: Keeping a period survival kit around might sound a little silly, but it’s actually a pretty good idea. Birdee Mag suggests stocking it with herbal tea (caffeine can be one of the worst culprits for cramps), a hot water bottle, and some treats for your skin; XO Jane, meanwhile, opts for a stuffed uterus and a lack of shame. Also, points to redditor TOE-MAZ, who took to AskReddit once upon a time to find out what he should put in a kit he wanted to make for his girlfriend. Relationship: You’re doing it right, TOE-MAZ.

Because this feeling?

It is the worst.

Images: BuzzFeed Violet/YouTube; Gif Boom