15 Leather Jackets In Every Single Price Point, So You Can Look Like A Cool Biker Chick No Matter Your Budget

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As evidenced by some of our favorite celebrities at the 2014 Video Music Awards, the leather trend seems like it will be in full swing for fall/winter. While I'm almost always on-board for whatever the new beauty trend might happen to be for each season, I'm not always so keen on the fashion trends. This is because, unless it's something that I absolutely love, or seems like something that I can get years of use out of, I'm just unwilling to invest in transient appeal (like this blanket-coat idea).

This leather thing, though, is something I can totally get behind. I've been rocking the same leather jacket for literally the past decade. And I mean literally in the original, dictionary definition of the word. While I think that leather jackets are a staple that will always be "in," this fall/winter is the perfect time to play around with variations on the traditional leather jacket. Here are 15 pieces that will have you so excited for that colder weather to start rolling in, no matter what price point you're looking to stay in.

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