Teresa Giudice's Crazy Instagram Spree Might Just Be for the Kids & That's OK

How was your Labor Day? Good? Great! You know who else had an epic LDW? Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. Yep, the whole Giudice clan spent Labor Day weekend on the Jersey shore, sitting out in the sun, riding boats, and generally having a merry old time. In fact, from the looks of Teresa's Instagram page, you'd never know in a million years that both she and her husband could be going to jail for a long time in a matter of weeks.

Teresa, for lack of a better phrase, went on an Instagramming spree the past few days. Not that I was counting or anything, but from the start of the long weekend (August 29) to the end (September 1), Teresa Instagrammed 19 photos. And all of them were of her family seemingly in great spirits. Some may think the sudden influx of 'grams might be Teresa trying to "prove" something to people — IE, her family is great, etc. — but I think it's nice that the Giudices went for one final summer hurrah before a potentially-painful few years. The kids seem really happy in all the photos, and really, what's more important than that?

Whether she's trying to convince the world of something or not, at least Teresa is keeping up appearances for her kids and making sure they enjoy the summer just as much as they normally would. I mean, poor girls. They certainly didn't do anything wrong. Why shouldn't they have any fun in the sun?

Image: Teresa Giudice/Instagram