'Game of Thrones' Gets a 'Mad Men' Inspired Opening Credits Sequence with Smooth Jazz — VIDEO

Many television viewers know that the Game of Thrones theme is epic in nature, but what's even more epic about it is how it can translate so well to other genres besides its triumphant, original genre. For instance, take this rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song which takes on a jazzy sound — hell, it's even a little sexy. I'd totally pour myself some brandy (or wine, a la Cersei Lannister), and dance with myself while listening to this. Don't put it past me!

Milan Vuckovic, the musically adept Youtuber who posted this, said that he looked to the 60's and graphic designer Saul Bass for his inspiration. He wrote:

Since I love Saul Bass, the 60's and HBO's Game of Thrones, I made an alternative title sequence.

And it works! Now we just have to see a Mad Men-era Game of Thrones in which Jaime alternates using his good hand to incessantly smoke a cigarette and to drink whiskey. Game of Thrones in suits, perhaps? The sultry sound certainly goes well with all the sexy sex that happens on the show...

The other lesson here? If you love Game of Thrones and you also love something else — anything it all, be it rap, video games, or Frozen — combine it with Game of Thrones . The Internet will go mad for you, dropping its metaphorical panties in the form of a viral hit. Except maybe you shouldn't combine Westeros with Frozen anymore. That one might be done for now.

Image: Milan Vuckovic/Youtube