Winter is Coming for Anna & Elsa

by Mallory Schlossberg

WINTER IS COMING. I know, I know — that's pretty much the worst thing to say to a Game of Thrones fans during the long nine months before the series resumes, but you've got to bear with me for a moment. There is a Frozen video cut to the Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer. Before you roll your eyes and say, "ugh. Another Frozen video? AHEM — LET. IT. GO!" — let me reassure you, this video is really good.

Yes — we've seen a handful of Game of Thrones and Frozen mash-ups — the animated musical's fantasy land of Arendelle is icy as hell, which certainly warrants the famous warning, "winter is coming." (If only Elsa said that to Anna when Anna asked if she wanted to build a snowman.) However, this mash-up features something a little different. Here, the Frozen characters emit your favorite Game of Thrones characters' lines as though Arendelle has indeed become with world of Westeros, except with CGI princesses and reindeers.

Weirdly enough, it works really, really well. Elsa makes a killer Cersei, which isn't too surprising given her reign as Ice Queen and her long blonde hair, but still — if the Frozen sequel ever happens, it should involve Arendelle getting its own HBO channel, just so Elsa can continue to rock out as Cersei.

Check it out below!

Image: Disney