John Stamos 'Members Only' Sounds Just Like 'Two and a Half Men' & We Hope That's Not a Bad Thing

Hey, you — person who feels as though your television has been seriously deprived of some legitimate Uncle Jesse-ness — fret no more! Deadline has reported that John Stamos will be returning to television in Members Only , a sitcom that will be produced by Dan Fogelman and written by Danny Chun. Members Only will follow John Stamos's abs — I mean, his character — who is a really, really good looking hedge fund billionaire who not only has abs of steel, but finally gains access to a country club through his marriage to Mickey (Natalie Zea). You can have it all!

But! Stamos's character will discover that he has a son who does not have the same game as he does. In fact, he's a total geek and not half the charmer that Stamos's alter ego is. And worse, mini awkward Stamos has a geek spawn of his own, meaning that Stamos's character is...a grandfather. Gasp! He's OLD. This is also an excellent incidental meta joke — my, look how much time has passed since the Full House days. Now, the suave good looking charmer has to deal with more than just lounging around smoking cigars (I don't know if his character actually does that, but I'm pretty sure that's what happens at members only-access country clubs — but what would I know, I'M JUST A PLEBE). Further, he must deal with fatherhood and becoming prematurely geriatric. The horror!

It sounds a little like Two and A Half Men, does it not? A family friendly sitcom in which a no-kids guy all of a sudden winds up with children? Hopefully, this will suck less, and it's so far got a few major differences to tamp down the comparisons: Stamos's character isn't a bachelor here, we've got three generations of Stamos-spawn, and we don't have Charlie Sheen or Angus T. Jones, Child Star Turned Bearded Bible Thumper. All right, John Stamos, come back onto television!