Nick Carter & Jordan Knight's 'GMA' Performance Would Leave 11-Year-Old Me Very Confused — VIDEO

No, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight pairing up and recording an album together isn't something that came to you in the middle of a fever dream. You didn't imagine the "One More Time" music video or the tour announcement. All of it is very real. Tuesday, the Backstreet Boy and the New Kid On The Block performed "One More Time" on Good Morning America to promote Nick & Knight, their brand new album. Again, this was not a product of a fever dream.

I wish I had a time machine so I could tell 11-year-old me about the Carter/Knight pairing. 11-year-old me existed in a pre-NKOTBSB era, so this pop legend duo would've really blown her mind. She wouldn't know what to make of it. She definitely wouldn't believe me. If I know me, I think the interaction would go a little something like this:

[2014 KRISTIE travels to the year 1999. She meets up with 1999 KRISTIE. 2014 KRISTIE says she's from the future. 1999 KRISTIE freaks out. 2014 KRISTIE eventually calms 1999 KRISTIE down.]

1999 KRISTIE: Okay, future person. Tell me everything that happens in the future.

2014 KRISTIE: Nice try, but I’m not going to do that. However, I will spill about one thing. It's something I can’t keep quiet about. You have to promise you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you.

’99 K: I promise, I promise. Let me guess what it is!

’14 K: No, you’ll never guess it. I’ve gotta get back to the year 2014 sooner rather than la—

’99 K: LET ME TRY.

’14 K: Okay, fine. I’ll give you three chances. And a hint: Think pop music.

’99 K: Will there be a Spice World sequel?

’14 K: I wish, but no.

’99 K: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will get married?

’14 K: No.

’99 K: WHAT? But they stay together forever, right?

’14 K: I hate to break it to you, but they split up for good in the early aughts.

’99 K: NO.

’14 K: Yeah. You have one more guess.

’99 K: Um um um… I don't know. I can't think. Too much pressure.

’14 K: Happens to me too. The answer: In the year 2014, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight recorded an album together.

’99 K: …Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block/"Give It To You"?

’14 K: Yeah.

’99 K: Nuh uh.

’14 K: Yeah huh.

’99 K: NUH UH.

’14 K: Yeah huh.

'99 K: That doesn't sound real. Like, it's too good to be real.

'14 K: It's very real.

'99 K: What? How did this happen?

'14 K: I don't know, they just wanted to record an album together.

’99 K: Was there a fight?

'14 K: What do you mean?

’99 K: Like, are BSB and NKOTB mad at them? Did they break up?

’14 K: Nope. All is well. A few years before this duet album dropped, the two groups went on tour together and released an album together.

’99 K: WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

’14 K: Yeah. They called themselves NKOTBSB.

’99 K: Are you serious? You better not be messing with me. THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. Maybe too amazing. Maybe I don't believe you.

’14 K: Crimeny, I'm not lying. All of these things happened. I didn’t go to the concert, but I heard it was pretty great.

’99 K: YOU DIDN’T GO? I’m going to have to change that. ...If the NKOTBSB tour is real, that is.

’14 K: It's real. Oh, but you can’t go. You can't alter history. It’ll disrupt the order of the universe.

’99 K: Ughhhh fine. What’s the name of this Nick and Jordan album you speak of?

’14 K: Nick & Knight.

’99 K: Nick at Nite? Okay, you're totally lying. What, do they sing about I Love Lucy and The Jeffersons?

’14 K: Nick AND Knight, not Nick AT Nite.

’99 K: OHHHHHHHH. Duh. That makes more sense. Does every boy band member do this?

'14 K: Do what? Pair off with another boy band member and record an album together?

'99 K: Yeah! That'd be so kewl. Like, what if JT and Nick Lachey made an album. OH MY GOD DO THEY MAKE AN ALBUM TOGETHER?

'14 K: No, but a bunch of boy banders record solo albums. JT's albums are awesome. Aw, CRAP! I wasn't going to tell you that. I wanted it to be a surprise.

'99 K: AUUUUUUUUGHHHHH the future sounds so kewl. You better not be making this stuff up.

'14 K: I'm not.

'99 K: What if I said I still don't believe you about the Nick & Knight CD? Would you happen to have any proof?

'14 K: [Retrieves iPhone from purse and fires up YouTube video.]

'99 K: Whoa. WHOA.

'14 K: I wouldn't pay you a visit from the future just to feed you a bunch of lies.

'99 K: Why are they dressed like it's Casual Friday at the office?

'14 K: They can't wear boy band gear forever.

'99 K: Hm. But they do dance moves?

'14 K: Yeah.

'99 K: So they're still a boy band.

'14 K: Eh, not really.

'99 K: I don't follow. Anyway, I like this song, but it's missing something. Or three. It's missing three members.

'14 K: It's a duo, not a boy band.

'99 K: Whatever. Anyway, sorry I ever doub— WAIT. IS THAT A PHONE?!?!?!?! WHERE ARE THE BUTTONS?!?!?! YOUR PHONE HAS THE WORLD WIDE WEB?!?!?!?! CAN YOU CHAT ON AIM WITH IT?!?!?!?!

'14 K: I think so? I haven't used AIM in years.


'14 K: ...I've said too much. I've gotta bounce.

[2014 KRISTIE travels back to the year 2014. 1999 KRISTIE hops on the family computer and logs in to AIM.]

'99 K: I'll never abandon you, AIM. Never.