'Hart of Dixie's Jaime King Responds to Body-Shamer & Inspires Female Followers To Support Each Other

There will be no body-shaming on this Hart of Dixie star's watch. Jaime King took down body-shamer on Friday in the best possible way and inspired her followers in the process. King, who recently opened up about her struggles with infertility, is no stranger to speaking her mind on the social networking site and openly attempts to create a positive space for her female followers. So, when a follower posted a rude, body-shaming comment on King's recent Throwback Thursday photo, the actress naturally responded and sparked a new, important conversation.

The photo in question showed the Sin City star back in her modeling days, walking the runway in Alexander McQueen's "Gold Shower" show, and featured a sweet caption in which the actress talked about the late designer and her appreciation for him. Who doesn't love a good, emotionally charged #tbt? Apparently, people who think King needs to "eat a cheeseburger."

An Instagram user skinny-shamed King in a comment on the photo that's since been deleted and it was totally not OK. But it did reveal something important about the community King's created on her Instagram since her painful discussion of fertility — it's a safe haven for women to support one another. Here is King's #tbt photo, which is pretty damn cool:

Before King could respond to the body-shamer, her fans and followers beat her to the punch with responses like this one:

Which King followed with:

You tell 'em, girl. King's excellent response was met with support from followers:

So, how about we all cut the negative crap out of our social media lives and instead go out and bond over how delicious cheeseburgers are? Preferably with Jaime King because she's awesome.

Images: JaimeKing/Instagram (4)