Adam Levine's 'Kids In America' Comedy Show — 5 Things to Expect

Today in "I did not see this one coming" news, Adam Levine will produce a new semi-autobiographical comedy for NBC called Kids In America, and I did not know Levine was a TV producer? Reportedly, Levine has been dabbling in scripted TV production since 2011, when he produced an ensemble comedy show that was being developed for NBC but never moved forward. Levine has apparently has a good thing going with NBC, so good that he's officially taking over the network. Deadline reports Kids In America is based on Levine's real-life experiences growing up in the 90s with an "unconventional family", as seen from the point of view of a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a rock star. Luckily for Levine fans, NBC is now the unofficial Levine channel, with other Levine-produced projects reportedly coming down the pipeline soon.

Given that the series will be written by Family Guy 's Aaron Blitzstein, it's fair to say that nothing will be off limits on Kids In America. It's hard to imagine what we might expect from a show based on Levine's life, but a few things are (probably) certain. HINT: there will likely be excessively bare-chests and lots of girl. This might not be a family show.

There will be shirtlessness

It's widely known that Adam Levine loves taking his shirt off. The guy really does not like wearing clothes. It's only natural to assume that Levine's shirtless tendencies began at a young age, so the bare nips of whoever ends up playing the character based on him will likely get some serious camera time, if they're really aiming for a true-to-life story. Levine will probably make a cameo. Shirtless.

There will be an endless parade of hot models based on Adam Levine's girlfriends past

Adam Levine loves the ladies. Specifically, the ladies who are models. The character based on him probably will too.

Maroon 5: The Early Years

It will be the Maroon 5 version of Making The Band.

90s nostalgia in the form of flashback musical performances

I anticipate some sweet 90s outfits and cover songs.

The official kick-off of Adam Levine's TV career

Levine has potential to be a Justin Timberlake, starting out as a boy band front man and eventually crossing over into movies and TV. Levine's already scored gigs on American Horror Story: Asylum and The Voice, so it's possibly he's ready to make the jump into a career in acting and TV production. And if the show flops and TV doesn't work out for him, he's always got his abs to fall back. He's got that going for him.

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