First Picture of Allison Williams as Peter Pan Shows a Darker Side of This Childhood Tale — PHOTO

It has begun so get ready to travel to the second star to the right and straight on until morning. When it was announced that Allison Williams would be playing Peter Pan in the upcoming Peter Pan Live! special, many people doubted that she would be able to pull it off. Oh, sure, Williams has proven many times that she can really belt out a note when she wants to, but everything else was basically up in the air as to whether or not she was right for the role. At the very least, she's been enthusiastic (and her father Brian Williams was equally enthusiastic about her role, what with him showing her baby pictures on national television and all). Now, one month after joining Instagram, Williams has posted the first image of herself as Peter Pan and it should definitely destroy the last of your doubts.

As we all know from the play, the book, or the Disney movie, Peter Pan is a swash-buckling Boy Who Never Grew Up, hanging out with fairies and leading the Lost Boys into battle against Captain Hook and his pirates. Of course, exactly how much of this is all in good fun and how much of it is manipulative childhood sociopathy depends on which version of the Peter Pan tale you're reading, but the fact of the matter is that Peter Pan is every child's dream come true until they finally grow up.

In Williams' picture, she has her hair cut short and boyish and is dressed in Peter Pan's trademark green, sitting on the mast of a pirate's ship and staring broodily out onto the horizon. She looks a lot angrier and a lot less fun than the Peter Pan we're used to from the Disney movie, but, then again, she's sitting on what is probably Captain Hook's ship. Who knows what nefarious schemes Hook is up to now?

Check out the image below.

Image: aw/Instagram