Slow-Motion Twerking Is The Perfect Thing For A Post-"Anaconda" World – VIDEO

If you are (understandably) suffering from a fairly serious excitement (ass-citement?) hangover after Nicki Minaj laid the thunder on us, allow me to offer this video to soothe your overstimulated nerves. It serves as a kind of shell-shocked epilogue to Nicki's epic adventure (ass-venture? I can't stop doing it.) It's graceful. It's mesmerizing. Mesmer-ass-ing (okay, I'm done.) It's volcanos and sunrises and babies being born and existential awakening; It's rolling waves of slow-motion, earthshaking, body-celebrating poetry-in-motion.

The point is, MORE BUTTS FOREVER. You're welcome.

*Buys pleather booty shorts online*

Images: Miikka Lommi