'The Walking Disney' Art Series Gives Your Favorite Disney Characters a Zombie Apocalypse Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I regularly wonder how some of my favorite fictional characters would fair in the zombie apocalypse — but hey, guess what? I don’t have to wonder anymore, because the phenomenal art series "The Walking Disney” figured it all out. The work of an 18-year-old French artist who goes by the name Kasami-Sensei on Tumblr and deviantART, “The Walking Disney” combines Disney characters with the world of The Walking Dead. Naturally, the results are amazing.

An album of these illustrations popped up on Reddit last night, but Kasami-Sensei has been working on them for a while. The first image in the series — Frozen’s Elsa and Anna — dates back to March 2014; the most recent one, which brings a few Dreamworks characters into the world (human versions of Tigress and Viper from Kung-Fu Panda ), looks like it was posted sometime in July. The best part? A bunch of them come with stories written by some of Kasami-Sensei’s friends in the deviantART community. Now that’s dedication.

Elsa and Anna’s tale describes them not as princesses, but as normal girls whose parents simply used to call them princesses. As they run through a frozen wasteland, searching for shelter from both the elements and from the undead, Elsa remarks, “Remember when we were kids, we used to make up songs? We’d sing all the time. Mom and Dad used to call us princesses because we lived like it was a fairy tale. We used to go out every winter and build friends.” Except instead of building snowmen, they’re killing zombies now:

Meanwhile, Merida — who would undoubtedly be one of the Disney princesses most likely to survive — teams up with Rapunzel, before they get separated later on down the road:

Pocahontas doesn’t have a story, but I kind of love the Michonne-esque image of her with a zombified John Smith as a pet:

And then there's Maleficent, because, well . . . Maleficent:

My one complaint? I’m a little unclear why some of the women are wearing such horribly impractical clothing. You’d think, for example, that Elsa and Anna wouldn’t want to leave quite so much skin exposed, because, y’know, zombies; also, what’s up with Belle’s leotard? If you have to pee in the woods, something that difficult to get in and out of is definitely not the wisest wardrobe choice:

By and large, though, most of them are sensibly attired; Mulan in particular has got the whole apocalypse thing down:

Check out more in the Imgur album below, and head on over to Kasami-Sensei’s deviantART page to see the whole series. Happy zombie hunting!

Images: Kasami-Sensei/deviantART