When Can Jill Start Counting Her Kids?

by Georgette Eva

It’s a baby on the way — or more like the first trimester and counting — for expecting mom Jill Duggar. Duggar announced in August that she and her new husband Derick Dillard were expecting their first child (of many?) and obviously Grandma Michelle and Grandpa Jim Bob Duggar are thrilled. Jill and Derick announced the news to her entire family and the world only about two months after they were married. Usually, this wouldn't be surprising, but in the Duggar household there are some pretty strict rules about sex (and full-frontal hugging), so if you do the math, the newlyweds certainly got to work super close to their wedding night. Wanna do some more math and figure out her due date? You don't have to! Just like with her pregnancy news, Jill Duggar shared her due date with a magazine.

Jill told Us Weekly that her first child is due in March. Of course, there’s really no competing with her mom and dad, who brought us 19 Kids and Counting, which is technically a spin-off of 18 Kids and Counting, which is a spin-off of the original 17 Kids and Counting. (Personally, I still think the title should just get an ellipses.) Anywho, Jill Duggar might be starting her own brood, and obviously there's plenty of time for her and Dillard to get going so to speak. For now, they'll certainly have their hands full getting their home ready for March when the adorably nicknamed Baby Dilly arrives.

"I have loved having lots of brothers and sisters. Although Derick comes from a family with just one brother, both of us would love to have as many children as God will give us," Jill said. She added that she and her husband are open to the idea of adoption, so it seems obvious that a big family is on the horizon.

While people may have thought it was early to announce her pregnancy, Jill is confident in her decision. Jill, who is also a midwife in training, said, "Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester, and believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could."

The reality TV daughter’s courtship with Dillard was followed closely on the show and her parents’ strict rules like no kissing, hand holding, or long hugs during courtship were made clear. In fact, Jill and Derick had their first kiss when they were made man and wife. Jill announced her pregnancy in a cute Instagram shot of her and her sweetheart holding a pair of baby shoes. They won't know the gender until 18-20 weeks, but Duggar's helped raise plenty of younger brothers and sisters, so she'll no doubt be well prepared.

Images: Jill Duggar Dillard/Twitter; Jill M Dillard/Instagram