Should You Tell People You Met On Tinder?

by Emma Cueto

Couples meet in all kinds of ways, some of them cute, some boring, and some that seem like one of those hopelessly contrived plots from a soap opera. And in the midst of all this, there are those couples who meet on Tinder. Because while it's not actually scandalous, per se, there's still something kind of embarrassing about telling people you met your significant other via a hookup app. (Though it turns out there are a surprising number of feminist guys on Tinder, so hey, maybe it's not such a surprise.)

Here to capture the struggles that these Tinder-forged couples must go through, though, is a new video from Buzzfeed aptly titled "We Can't Say We Met On Tinder." However, as our heroic couple is quickly reminded while trying to come up with an alternate explanation, meeting people is hard. In fact, when you think about it, it's something of a minor miracle that anybody ever meets anyone out in the real world. If it weren't for dating apps, the whole human race might as well be doomed.

So really, Tinder might be the only hope we have left, people! (Even if it is kind of sexist). Now quick, figure out whether you should dress as a goth or a manic pixie dream girl for your profile, how much makeup you should wear, do your best to avoid anyone who's wound up on Tinderlines, and above all get your stories straight. Because if you guys do end up being a couple, you know you can't tell people that you met on Tinder.

Image: BuzzfeedYellow/YouTube