BuzzFeed's "The Miracle of Life" Video Shows Men Reacting to Childbirth and They're Freaked Out

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The fear of childbirth, or tocophobia, can affect as many as one in six women — a fear probably largely brought on by friends' horror stories and terrifying TV and movie portrayals of what it's like to pop a tiny human out of your womb. As women, we're more aware of what the process actually entails, as it's something we may someday choose to do ourselves. Guys, however, seem to often remain blissfully unaware of the subject.

The team over at BuzzFeed, being the bunch of jokers they are, decided it would be funny to show men videos of childbirth and, of course, film their reactions. They handpicked a team of men who had never seen a birth before, which is pretty apparent from their reactions, which range from "Huh, it takes a lot of people to . . . OH . . . [uncomfortable laughter]" to "OH NO. OH NO WHY IS IT ALL RED" and "ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THAT RED."

The reassuring thing is that some of these young men at least know the terminology involved with a birth, like "placenta" and "umbilical cord." The less reassuring thing is that they can only seem to compare this tiny new human that's going to bring someone so much joy to the zombie baby from Dawn of the Dead. We all use our own methods to cope.

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