Disney Can't Keep This mau5 Down

by Christine DiStasio

Disney isn't going to just let it gooooo this time. Honestly, I'm surprised the Big Mouse even pays attention to anything that goes outside of Arendelle these days. Well, unfortunately for DJ Deadmau5 and his favorite headgear, Disney is paying attention now. According to EW.com, Disney is opposing Deadmau5's trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Because there's only room for one mau5 in this hau5. Even though Deadmau5's mau5head wasn't even inspired by Mickey and is already trademarked in up to 30 countries, Disney has decided that it "bears too much resemblance to Mickey Mouse." So, naturally, they're trying to shut this down.

After all this time, Disney? Really? Why now? Well, those are all extremely good questions that the internationally known DJ's lawyer Dina LaPolt is asking. Deadmau5 has been identified by his big-eared headgear on stage and it's appeared on his merchandise for years leading up to Disney's recent revelation that he's overstepping his boundaries. Heck, it's trademarked in the United Kingdom and Japan, it's not like he's trying to pull a fast-one over on Disney and the United States with this application. So, LaPolt doesn't plan to let the Big Mouse win this one, “Our client will not be bullied by Disney and is prepared to fight to protect his rights to his property.” You keep on doing you, Mr. mau5.

Disney's alleged opposition, which comes in the way of a 171-page document complete with photos of mouse ear-emblazoned products, claims that their concerns are "priority and likelihood of confusion" and "dilution" of the iconic Mickey Mouse and what his ears mean for Disney. As if any real Disney fans are going to think the semi-creepy mau5head is the same thing as our beloved Mickey Mouse. Am I right, people?

According to the report, Deadmau5 filed for his trademark last year and Disney's just catching onto it now. Is this just the beginning of a lengthy saga that'll delay Frozen 2 even further? C'mon, Disney, let's think about what's really important here. Aka you should just:

Image: Wifflegif