Zosia Mamet Went Platinum Blonde, Like Lena Dunham And Dianna Agron, Which Means The Blonde Bob Really Is The New Celeb Trend

Is white-hot, Marilyn Monroe-hued, platinum blonde hair the new celeb trend, at least in Young Hollywood? Uh, yeah it is. Or so it seems. Girls star Zosia Mamet is blonde now, making her the latest starlet to go platinum and to advance the celeb blonde bob hair trend, following the lead of her "boss" Lena Dunham, and Glee star Dianna Agron, who went shorter and whiter with her tresses as well.

Marilyn-like locks are dramatic, sexy, and empowering, but can be damaging on follicles, so if you are inspired by Mamet, Dunham, and Agron, be sure to think about it. If you're dark-haired and going light, that's a big process. Several of 'em, actually, since color has to be stripped. If you are already light, going this bright could look amazing, like it does on these ladies, or it could wash you out, due to the tones of the hue and of your skin. So consider all that before bleaching out!

Before you go, "OMG, Shoshanna is a blonde! Say it ain't so," realize that Mamet's messy, textured bob is totally fantastically flattering. It works for her IRL persona, which is much more chic than the naive Shosh. It's a high fashion cut and color, and the fact that she's leather-clad while shopping makes it all the cooler. I love this image of her. Don't you?

So, yeah, the bright blonde bob is having a moment. In case you forgot, here are the other ladies rocking that platinum.

Dianna Agron

Oh, hey, Quinn! Whatcha drinking there? Agron can pull off any look because she is so dang purty.

Lena Dunham

Dunham was looking all sorts of boss . . . again.


Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then there is Sia, the rarely front-facing patron saint of the very blonde, very blunt bob.

Who will be next to take the platinum plunge? Demi Lovato? Rihanna? Vanessa Hudgens? I'll be watching and waiting patiently.

Images: Zosia Mamet/Instagram; Dianna Agron/Instagram; Lena Dunham/Instagram; Getty