She's Joined the Platinum Blonde Brigade

Earlier this month when Lena Dunham revealed a platinum blonde Sia-esque bowl cut via Instagram we were confused yet intrigued. Was it real? Yes! Was it cool? Yes! Or, at least, it looks like platinum is really gaining traction among Hollywood's It girls. Next in line for a bleaching? Why, a Glee star of course! Dianna Agron revealed a platinum blonde bob via Twitter photo and let me tell you, it's cool.

Agron has been rocking a long, honey-colored bob for awhile now. Her new cut is shorter with edgier bangs and has been dyed an almost-pure-white blonde very similar to Dunham's. She looks hawt, and the effect is only enhanced by the fact that she left her eyebrows several shades darker. Capitalizing on both the light blonde and bold brow trends at once, are we Dianna? The actress is always impeccable, but I never think of her as edgy per-se. Perhaps this hairstyle signals a ramped up sense of personal style?

Whatever the reason, I'm so pro all these celebs channeling Gwen Stefani with their hair color. As a brunette, I've always been fascinated by platinum blonde, and this is a fresh change from all the crazy rainbow and green slime-inspired dye jobs we've been seeing lately. I'm all for fun fun colors, but think how refreshing Agron's blonde will be in a sea of violet and multicolored 'dos on the red carpet!