'Pitch Perfect 2' Won't Feature Taylor Swift & That's a Big Mistake. Huge.

Tell this to the teardrops on my guitar. OK fine, you got me, I don't really have a guitar. But this really would have been great. Remember when Pitch Perfect star Anna Camp wanted Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to have Pitch Perfect 2 cameos? Well, that's not happening — well, I guess Beyoncé could still happen, but probably not — Elizabeth Banks confirmed that Taylor Swift won't be in Pitch Perfect 2 . So, sorry Pitch Perfect fans, but you're just going to have to shake that dream right off. What an aca-tastrophe (see what I did there?) because Taylor Swift would totally be perfect.

"I can confirm that Taylor Swift is not in the film," Banks revealed to E! Online when pressed for Pitch Perfect 2 cameo spoilers. But she did assure fans that there are still some other pretty great characters in the film — as if we had any doubts — and revealed a bit about what we can expect from the sequel to the flawless 2012 film that brought us Anna Kendrick singing "Cups." The actress and the film's director said, "One of the themes of the film is graduating and going out in to the big bad world, so we definitely brought in some grown-ups that the girls would encounter in their adult lives, and that was a lot of fun, to sort of figure out how to talk about what it is to leave this wonderful experience of college and your friends and go out into the world into your own again… that transition in people's lives."

Apparently, world-famous singer Swift, sadly, isn't one of those "grown-ups" nor is she a new Bella. BUT SHE'D BE SO PERFECT, GUYS — here's why:

She's Already Friends With Hailee Steinfeld

How s'cute is this? I mean, how could they not be great in a movie together?

She Could Adorably Try To Keep Up With The Bellas' Dance Moves

"Adorable" and "try" being they key words here or — plot twist — she could be their dance coach. Boom.

Her Audition Would Be ***Flawless

I mean, she was discovered on YouTube, for crying out loud. Move over, "Cups," because T. Swift has come to replace you with an amazing original song just for Pitch Perfect 2.

She Could Give Relationship Advice

What's college without relationship drama? This girl knows how to help out, which is probably how/why she became a crazy cat-lady. (See below.)

There Could Be A Sub-Plot About Her Cats

Every character in Pitch Perfect had a quirk, being a crazy, college-aged cat-lady could be Taylor's. I mean, I can relate to that.

She Clearly Knows What It's Like To Be Young In A Grown-Up World, See: "22"

Have truer words ever been spoken about recent college grads? I don't think so, Pitch Perfect 2.

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