11 Singers 'Pitch Perfect 2' Needs to Feature in an Aca-Awesome Cameo

Let's be real. Pitch Perfect was one of the best movies ever, beloved for its great music, straightforward comedy, and Bechdel Test-passing bond between its largely female main cast. The fact that a sequel called Pitch Perfect 2 is in the works has got everyone screaming with excitement every single time one of the cast members posts an exclusive sneak peek from the set on Instagram. E! Online grabbed some Pitch Perfect 2 scoop from Anna Camp, who played the ferociously uptight Barden Bella leader Aubrey Posen, and with that scoop came an exciting prospect that none of us had considered before. Camp joked about Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and even Carrie Underwood appearing in Pitch Perfect 2 and, honestly, that's the most exciting thing I can possibly think of.

Although it was clear that Camp wasn't being serious about there being any "celebrity" cameos in the sequel, I can't help but be attached to the idea. After all, the Bellas will no doubt be competing in a lot of a cappella competitions, even apparently traveling the world to do so, which means they're going to run into a lot of different talent along the way. Even if any celebrity singers would be disqualified by virtue of not being in college, that doesn't mean they can't play a college kid for a quick scene.

In fact, I demand that there at least be a deleted scene featuring a celebrity cameo on the Extended Edition of the DVD. I have suggestions.

Demi Lovato

Carolina ♡ on YouTube

Lovato just released an amazing music video for "Really Don't Care" that took place entirely during a Pride Parade, so let it never be said that she doesn't know how to put on a show. Plus, she started out as an actress, so it wouldn't be hard for her to get into character.

Ariana Grande

Capital XTRA on YouTube

Like Lovato, Grande is a singer and an actress who knows how to put on a good show. Plus, her older brother Frankie Grande is on Big Brother and totally stealing her thunder, so appearing in Pitch Perfect 2 would help remind the world who their favorite Grande is.

Ed Sheeran

Renata Marcon on YouTube

Ed Sheeran's album "X" debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, so it's safe to say he's a pretty hot commodity right now. In addition to being an artist that the Bellas should totally work into their a cappella repertoire, Sheeran would be a great addition to any male a cappella team.

Iggy Azalea

iggyazaleamusicVEVO on YouTube

Rapping and a cappella have a lot in common. Shh, yes they do. Iggy Azalea is another chart-topping artist that would prompt a scream from me if she showed up at some random point in Pitch Perfect 2. And any a cappella song she performed would go as viral as Anna Kendrick's "Cups".

Lady Gaga

GaGax4Ever on YouTube

Lady Gaga could be an a cappella group of one. Although she might not pass for a college student, it would be hilarious to see her cameo as a judge just for the sheer hilarity of the outfit she would wear in order to do so. Then she could hop on the stage and show the Bellas how it's done.

Katy Perry

VirginEMIRecords on YouTube

Say what you want about Katy Perry as a person, but she can definitely deliver those pop songs that will get stuck in your head for years. Even better, she started out as a Christian gospel singer, so she's got a wide range of genres to make an a cappella mash-up out of.

Carrie Underwood


Camp named Carrie Underwood as one of her choices and I can't help but agree with her. Have you seen that "Something Bad" music video? Taylor Swift may have moved on to pop, but Underwood is still a country queen and country is a genre that wasn't represented in Pitch Perfect.

Adam Levine

richvelazquez on YouTube

Fact: Maroon 5 is basically Adam Levine's back-up band. Fact: Adam Levine already knows a thing or two about judging music competitions from coaching on The Voice. Fact: Beca's face when Adam Levine shows up at an a cappella competition would be priceless. Fact: Pitch Perfect 2 needs to make this happen.

Rita Ora

Billboard on YouTube

Rita Ora is slowly but surely making a name for herself between her role in the upcoming film 50 Shades of Grey to her recent "Black Widow" collaboration with Iggy Azalea. I wouldn't mind watching Azalea and Ora steal the show by performing on the same a cappella team, would you?


TimWestwoodTV on YouTube

For anyone who doesn't already know, Drake originally started out as Aubrey Graham playing a character on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi. His acting was great, his rapping is great, and his a cappella skills have got to be great. Look how good he was on Saturday Night Live; Drake can put on a show like nobody's business.

Michelle Williams

Slaychelle on YouTube

For a complete switch in genres, bringing one of the members of Destiny's Child to Pitch Perfect 2 for a cameo is something we should all "Say Yes" to. (See what I did there?) Williams is too often ignored or dismissed as just the Destiny's Child that isn't Kelly Rowland or Beyoncé, so I'd love to see her shine in a cameo.

Image: Universal Pictures; Wifflegif (1)