Is Pandora's Box Coming To 'Big Brother'? That Could Explain the Have-Not Room's Secret Makeover

Something big is happening in the Big Brother house, but no one knows exactly what it is. For the entire season, we have watched Big Brother houseguests struggle with being have-nots. They've been "awarded" peanut butter and jelly fish, they've had something called "snot roast," which they appropriately threw away. In addition to their meals (slop included), the have-nots must endure sleeping in the have-not room for the week, which consists of rock-hard beds that are supposed to be ice, a pillow, and freezing cold temperatures. But that all ended yesterday, when Big Brother ended the have-not punishment for the season.

On Wednesday, the houseguests were put on Head of Household room lockdown while it seemed that there was some serious construction happening. The feeds were cut, but based on the houseguests reactions after the lockdown was lifted, we learned that the have-not room was under some major renovation. But what could have been done in a room that everyone wanted to avoid as much as possible? The have-not room was locked, so the houseguests couldn't see what was done in there, but they did say that they could smell fresh paint coming from the room.

So what could the new have-not room contain for the rest of the season? It seems like a lot of work for production to go through just to keep it locked for the remaining three weeks of the show, so I definitely feel like there is something big planned for the room.

Pandora's Box

In past seasons, Pandora's Box has come into play to spice things up in the game. I can't think of anything this season needs more than a little spice, so let's hope that's what is behind the door. Although Pandora's Box is usually in the HOH room (where the second bedroom was for the double HOH), there is a chance that they could have something really big planned to cause chaos in the house.

Isolation Room

Another possibility is that the have-not room could be a new isolation room. In seasons past, there have been luxury competitions that give some houseguests prizes and others 24 hours of solitary confinement. There is a good chance — especially now that have-nots are over — that a luxury competition is going to be coming up, and that the old have-not room might be a punishment for the competition.

An Ariana Grande Shrine

It wouldn't be too surprising, would it? You walk in and "Break Free" is playing on a loop and the walls are covered with Ariana pictures and it is a 24/7 dance party? It actually sounds really fun, and I wouldn't really mind watching that on the feeds for hours on end.

Images: CBS; Giphy