Allison Williams' Peter Pan Looks Exactly Like...

I knew that photo of Allison Williams as Peter Pan was vaguely turning me on for some inexplicable reason! Mystery solved. She's basically a little royalty-flavored androgyny treat! How fun. (I still can't with those mesh arm things though.)

I've always had this theory (which I'm sure is backed up by many fancy studies on the psychology of attraction and aesthetics, but I don't get around to reading many fancy studies on the psychology of attraction and aesthetics these days, so in my own sheltered world, I invented this theory) that really pretty people would be attractive regardless of their gender expression. So I'm pretty jazzed to discover that the same face situation can produce a beautiful woman and a super handsome dude (balding and all, I still would. I'll never forsake you, Wills.)

I also think this effectively solidifies that Peter Pan always was and always will be the fulcrum of the gender spectrum.

Side note: Am I the only one who thinks that Allison needs to recruit her Girls co-star Jemima Kirke to play a saucy, cigarette-smoking Tinkerbell? Lena Dunham can play Smee (I mean that in the most loving way. Lena Dunham would do a hilarious Smee.) And Zosia Mamet can play some tropical bird in Neverland whose incessant squawking everyone tries to ignore. I know, I clearly missed my calling as a Broadway casting director.

Image: Nino Munoz/NBC; Getty Images