17 Terrible Lyrics From '00s Pop Songs You Won't Believe You Sang Along To

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Pop music might have had its golden hour in the early '00s, but while catchy hooks and thumping basses were having a moment, lyrics were not. Perhaps it was because pop music mastermind Max Martin was behind many of these songs, and lyrics are not particularly his forte (see Ariana Grande's nonsensical and grammatically incorrect "Break Free" for further proof). Yet his musical stylings were pretty influential because many great (and terrible) songs from the '00s share a similar style — catchy, but confusing, as in: "what the hell does this song mean, anyway?" And even some songs that permitted us to extract some sort of meaning had some pretty abysmal lyrical stylings. Let us fondly look back at some terrible lyrics from catchy songs — out of context —from the 2000s, with the knowledge that poetry ain't easy.

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