You Can Now Wear an "Anaconda" Polo

by Erin Mayer

Newsflash — your wardrobe is incomplete. No matter how many white button-down shirts and impeccably tailored blazers you might own, it simply isn't good enough. Why? Because you don't (yet) possess M.O.C. Brand's Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" polo. So put down that Spring 2015 wish list you've been cultivating this week because this is the only shirt you will ever need.

Sure, shaving her likeness into your hair is a more dramatic tribute, but it's much harder to pull off. This incredible polo, however, is easy. You can hide it underneath a tailored jacket or cozy pullover sweater and no one — not your boss, not your boyfriend, not your conservative Aunt Judy — will know that you have an image of Nicki Minaj's almost bare butt emblazoned across your chest. This is about to be the biggest must-have of Fall 2014/Spring 2015/every season 'til the end of time. And I've officially given you the heads up! You're welcome.

There's no need to stop at just the polo. M. O. C is offering a whole line of "Anaconda"-themed items, from a beanie to a sweatshirt. You can go head-to-toe Minaj! I can hear the street style photogs snapping their teeth with excitement already. What are you waiting for?

Nicki Minaj Polo: $34.99. Being the coolest person in the room: PRICELESS.

Image: M.O.C. Brand