This Guy's "Anaconda" Tribute Is Insane

Nicki Minaj's latest single "Anaconda" is causing quite a stir. The video, which was released on August 19th and the "Anaconda" cover art are both pretty butt-tastic and since Minaj has, well, a spectacular backside, I'm sure many fans are thrilled by the results. Some fans, however, may have taken this delight a bit too far, like the man who shaved an "Anaconda" tribute into his hair (or possibly tattooed onto his scalp). That is some serious commitment to the glory that is Nicki Minaj in a thong.

On August 16th the rapper posted a photo of an anonymous male fan with a portrait of Minaj ("Anaconda cover art-style) emblazoned across the back of his head on Instagram. Her caption read "Head game right. #Anaconda" and I'm sure she was just tickled pink at this homage. I mean, its pretty damn fitting. Nicki Minaj loves to make a statement, why wouldn't her fans?

There is some speculation as to whether the design was shaved into the unidentified male's hair or tattooed onto the back of his head (ouch!) but either way he deserves props for his dedication to the cause. I mean, the most intense thing I've ever done in the name of fandom was travel from New York to Chicago to see Bright Eyes perform live at Lollapalooza. Now I feel like the least I can do to one-up Minaj's biggest fan is to get inked with a portrait of Conor Oberst on my left cheek.

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Image: nickiminaj/Instagram