Joan Rivers' 'Star Wars' Parody Was Genius

Go ahead and try to tell me that Joan Rivers didn't do it all. I'll wait. And then, once you're done totally exhausting every once of your energy, I will present her role in a little Mel Brooks movie by the name of Spaceballs. Yeah, Brooks' particular brand of dad jokes may not go over well with all audiences, but Joan Rivers' C-3PO parody Dot Matrix will go down in history as one ridiculously spot-on moment of loving lampoonery. You know it's true, fellow nerds.

Dot, the shiny golden android on boots with wheels (not totally unlike the once popular Heelys uber-mobile sneakers) took the mildly annoying Star Wars character as inspiration and helped create a lady android with titanium balls 10 times the size of the original skittish golden droid's. Where C-3PO would obnoxiously be calculating the chances of survival, Dot fires off one-liners about "sand in her gears" (and I'm no android expert, but I'm assuming those gears are the robotic equivalent of a person's bathing suit areas).

And as if we needed another reason to love anything Rivers did on the big screen, her nerdy parody even had the style thing down pat. Those. Shoulder Pads.

Image: MGM