Who Is Rosie Cepero? 'Angels Among Us' Star Wants To Talk To Your Guardian Angel

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Jennifer Love Who? Move over ghost whisperers, because TLC is bringing you a woman who talks to angels instead, probably because most ghosts are dicks. TLC’s newest reality show, Angels Among Us is here. It’s about a woman named Rosie Cepero and she can "connect with angels," guardian angels to be exact. I don’t know if TLC has just run out of ideas or if they are bored of all the Duggars finally, but this show is apparently for real.

I personally don’t believe in that, mainly because I believe that my deceased family members have far better things to do than sit around and help me make good life decisions (considering most of my life decisions are pretty terrible). However, if you are into ghosts and angels, Rosie Cepero is perfect for you. The show airs on TLC every Sunday after Long Island Medium , which by the way, is basically the exact same show. I honestly can’t really tell the difference between the two.

Now, I have only watched the exclusive preview on TLC thus far to grasp what is actually happening but here are the highlights of Angels Among Us.

First, she dramatically tells us that most people believe angels have "diapers and halos and wings and their flying around like that" (cue her arms flailing around to signal flying). Rosie quickly sets the record straight though, she says angels look just like "You and I." Phew, I was super worried a cherub-looking baby was flying next to me at all times. Thanks for clearing that one up, girl.

Second and most importantly, she stops a girl at what looks to be a Party City and says "Do you believe in angels?" Then she proceeds to rub her hand and say,"It's okay, you can indulge in ice cream." Umm, okay?

So, now it’s time to meet Rosie. Who is this mysterious angel whisperer?

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